Emergency Services

Supporting Those Who Support Others

Emergency Services have some of the most mature peer support models in the world.

From Fire & Rescue to State Emergency Services. Surf Life Savers to Ambulance staff saving lives. Police to Protective Services.

Peers support their colleagues following operational trauma as well as day-to-day organisational and personal stresses. 

Our Peer Support CommUNITY technology can make Emergency Services peer support programs run a little more smoothly, and help identify mental health challenges earlier.

Emergency Services Peer Support

The Right Support, At The Right Time

Peer Support Officers (PSO’s) have their own operational duties, which naturally impact their ability to provide support at times. Our Peer Support CommUNITY shows staff when PSO’s are available, allowing them to connect with their favourite peers at the click of a button.

Peer Support Case Management

We help Peer Support Officers manage and track their Peer Support cases with ease.

Emergency Services Peer Support

Log cases by Operational, Organisational and Personal categories

Emergency Services Peer Support

Track the duration of cases, including time spent off-duty and travelling

Emergency Services Peer Support

Diarise reminders to ensure support is available when it is needed the most

Emergency Services Peer Support

Re-assign to other PSO’s, Psychologists, or Employee Assistance Providers

Greater Insight Into Where Staff Need Help

Gain visibility into the overall mental health of the organisation, or at a group level. 

Coordinators can see statistics and trends of Peer Support cases in one customised dashboard location, all whilst maintaining individual confidentiality. 

Integrate With Your Existing Support Structure

Our technology does not replace existing support, it integrates and even helps increase the utilisation of them.

Prompts can guide staff to additional support resources, and PSO’s can assign cases to Psychologists, or Employee Assistance Providers if needed.