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What is it?

Our CommUNITY Application is a peer-to-peer mental health support network for staff to securely and anonymously connect with others within the organisation, and with their industry peers. 


Many challenges we face today that impact our mental health are also being experienced, or have been experienced by others. CommUNITY provides the platform for users to open up in a safe space and exchange support with others.


Reporting and analytics gives organisations the ability to monitor rises in key factors which impact workplace mental health and productivity, such as stress and conflict, increasing the potential for early intervention and resolution.


Many services and solutions for improving mental health are reactive and focused on one-on-one support.  Our CommUNITY is positioned to enable peer-to-peer support and encourage sharing at the earliest sign of a mental health condition.  


Everyone faces mental health obstacles, however many of us feel like we are the only ones who do. Coupled with the stigma often associated with opening up, it is sadly a common occurrence that many keep their struggles to themselves until they build up into a mental health condition which requires professional assistance. 


We can all listen and share our experiences which may help others going through similar struggles. CommUNITY provides the platform to do so.

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Key Features

interactive forums

Customisable forums for staff to interact and support each other on a range of topics which have an impact on their mental health.

employee resource groups

A platform for ERGs to interact remotely and expand their support network to ERGs from other organisations.

private messaging

Create sub-groups and one-to-one private chats for personalised and specific mental health support discussions in a closed environment.

trend analytics

We monitor trends in keywords to identify rises in factors which impact mental health and productivity, such as stress and conflict.

executive reports

Monthly reports detail usage statistics and Indicators of Unrest (IOUs) in the workplace to enable early intervention.

real time staff feedback

Securely connect staff to Human Resources to gain visibility of issues in real time, without waiting for quarterly/annual surveys.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are groups within a company that share a common trait or value.  ERGs help stimulate a sense of inclusion and community.  With our CommUNITY application you can extend your ERG network outside of your company for a more expansive and supportive community.

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Interactive Forum
Forum topics can be customised to suit the workplace culture and aligned to fit the Employee Resource Group structure of the company so that they can securely interact regardless of their location.
Industry Collaboration
Choose to connect your platform with other organisations or industries to enhance the support network available to your staff
Private Messaging
Connect one-to-one or set up your own sub group for discussion on a specific subject independent of the forums and employee resource groups.
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Word cloud and statistic reporting delivered monthly in a simple, digestible format to show rises in factors impacting mental health, such as stress.
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Trend analysis performed over time to monitor how well the mental health strategy is resonating with staff.
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Human Resources
Add Human Resources to the main forum for direct, real time interaction with staff.
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Where Does It Fit?

CommUNITY Prevention

CommUNITY encourages using peer-to-peer support at the earliest stage of worry, increasing the potential for early intervention and prevention of a mental health condition.

Professional Response

Increasing early intervention helps ease the load on Employee Assistance Programs and other professional help, which can then be used in a more responsive and urgent manner.


Monitors Stress and Conflict

Enables Early Intervention

Demonstrates Care for Workforce

Improves Staff Morale

Boosts Team Unity

Increases Productivity

Partner Program

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