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Learn how we can help improve Mental Health in your workplace through Strategy, Training and Design.

Aligning company values, policies and environment to promote an open mental health culture.

Equipping staff with the knowledge to provide peer-to-peer support and ensure an inclusive community.

Innovative design of the workplace, initiatives and events to increase awareness and wellbeing.

What Makes A Mentally Happy Workplace?

Read about some of the factors to keep in mind so that mental health awareness and staff happiness remain paramount.


it starts at the top

Consistent messaging of company mental health values, continually reinforced by leadership, is vital to reducing the stigma commonly associated with mental health conditions.  Adopting a strategy where leaders openly discuss mental health and encourage a non-judgemental environment sets the tone for an inclusive culture.


By Mind Side can help you develop a mental health strategy which promotes open, effective communication and ensures your mental health values are embraced company wide.

peer support

Your staff are on the front line together.  Their awareness, understanding and empathy contribute to a comfortable work environment in which to exchange peer-to-peer support.


We can train your staff to identify signs of mental health struggles, increasing the potential for early intervention and therefore decreasing the likely absenteeism and productivity loss, which may occur when mental health challenges are endured alone.


We also developed Our CommUNITY Platform, to encourage peer-to-peer support. 

Mental Health & Mindfulness

environmental health

The design of the workplace environment can significantly contribute to the mental health and productivity of the workforce. Regularly hosting awareness initiatives and events also helps reinforce an open mental health culture.


By Mind Side can help design the physical workplace, as well as initiatives and events to help your company create the most effective environment to promote mental health awareness and collaboration.

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