Driving Togetherness

Put the brakes on loneliness with our Transport Peer Support CommUNITY.
Trams, trucks, rail and road

Transport drivers face more isolation than most professions.  Loneliness which may trigger mental health challenges.  

Using our Transport Peer Support CommUNITY, organisations can keep their drivers connected, and take a proactive approach to mental health.

Keeping Drivers Connected

With our Transport Peer Support CommUNITY, each organisation has their own peer support network, and the option to extend the support network by connecting their drivers to others from outside of the organisation, in an industry-wide approach to peer support.


Help When It’s Needed Most, From Those Who Understand

Some drivers may unfortunately witness incidents which impact their mental health.  Our Transport Peer Support CommUNITY technology helps connect them with trained peers with lived experience, so that they can receive support from those who understand.

Transport Peer Support

The Benefits

  • Reduce loneliness
  • Keep drivers connected and safe
  • Wellbeing tracking
  • Improve morale
  • Provide support following incidents
  • Early Identification of challenges

See The Results Yourself

Customised data analysis gives visibility of the overall mental health of the organisation, helping to identify challenges that staff are facing.  All whilst maintaining individual confidentiality.

Enhance visibility with real-time pulse surveys with further insight into staff mental health and wellbeing, and see the usage of existing support services increase.

If your organisation would like help setting up a Peer Support Program, and see our Workplace Peer Support CommUNITY technology in action, please get in touch with us today.