Your Staff Are A Support Force

Workplace Peer Support CommUNITY 1 in 5 workers suffer with a mental illness each year

80% of those do not access treatment due to stigma and shame.

These statistics show how vital it is for businesses to focus on workplace culture and proactive methods of support to ensure staff wellbeing.

Peer Support programs represent a great opportunity for more thriving, collaborative workforce. With our Workplace Peer Support CommUNITY technology, businesses can keep their staff supported wherever they are, and get insight into the overall mental health of the workforce.

Workplace Peer Support
Lead From The Front

A mentally healthy workplace starts at the top. Together with company leaders we develop the values and messaging for an effective peer support program.

Set The Right Culture

We help organisations form Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) which reflect their company demographics, and provide a safe and secure platform for them to interact online.

Peer Support Training

We teach staff how to support their colleagues, including mental health first aid, communication skills, and the boundaries of when they should refer colleagues to professional support.

EAP Integration

Employee Assistance Programs are so helpful, though often under-utilised.  Our technology prompts staff when help resources might be useful, prompts that are only visible to them.

The Benefits Are Everywhere


Increase Togetherness


Enable Early Intervention


Reduce Stigma


Demonstrate Care for Workforce


Increase Productivity


Increase Use of Existing Support


The World Health Organisation estimate that for every $1 spent on Mental Health and Wellbeing,

the Return on Investment for organisations is $4

See The Results For Yourself

Customised data analysis gives visibility of the overall mental health of the organisation, helping to identify challenges that staff are facing.  All whilst maintaining individual confidentiality.

Enhance visibility with real-time pulse surveys with further insight into staff mental health and wellbeing, and see the usage of existing support services increase.

If your organisation would like help setting up a Peer Support Program, and see our Workplace Peer Support CommUNITY technology in action, please get in touch with us today.