Workplace Peer Support CommUNITY

Empower Staff With Our
Workplace Peer Support Technology

Give staff the tools and training to support each other, and see real-time insights into the workplace culture and wellbeing of your organisation with our online Workplace Peer Support CommUNITY technology. 

Workplace Peer Support

A Proactive Approach To Mental Health

Reduce Mental Health Stigma

Workplace Peer Support programs help decrease mental health stigma, and provide psychological benefits for both the receiver and provider.

Improve Culture

Driving a supportive, collaborative workplace helps improve organisational culture, reduce stress and conflict, whilst increasing the wellbeing and productivity of staff.

Proactive Support

We prompt staff with further support based on their behaviour. Prompts are tailored and visible only to the individual staff member.  Privacy and getting help early can go hand-in-hand.

Earlier Intervention

Evidence shows peer support is typically used before Professional support.  Our technology helps resolve staff and workplace problems before they escalate to crisis levels.

Product Overview

Group Support

A secure environment for work groups to share support online. A great place for Employee Resource Groups to interact.

Peer Messaging

Staff can identify the availability of trained Workplace Peer Support Officers, and confidentially connect with them for one-on-one support.


Staff can log their daily thoughts and feelings, and track them over time. Confidential and visible only to themselves.

Workplace Peer Support
Easy For Everyone

Personalised dashboards for staff, Workplace Peer Support Officers and leaders.

Preempt Challenges

See key indicators of where staff may be experiencing stress, and identify trends to address challenges in the workplace as early as possible. 

Real-Time Feedback

Keep your pulse on the mental health and wellbeing of the whole organisation, or specific groups, by sending pulse surveys for real-time insight and feedback.

Give A Boost To Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Our Workplace Peer Support CommUNITY does not replace existing support services, it compliments them.

We integrate with services such as EAPs, prompting staff when those services may be useful, increasing their utilisation rates in the process.


  • 01
    Reduces Mental Health Stigma
  • 02
    Boosts Unity and togetherness
  • 03
    Shows Care For Workforce
  • 04
    Enables Early Identification
  • 05
    Augments Existing Support
  • 06
    Improves Productivity