Empowering Workplace
Peer Support

Helping Your People, Help Each Other.

Peer support programs can be a vital, proactive part of any workplace mental health and wellbeing strategy.  

With empathy and compassion, peer support often makes a difference earlier than when professional help is accessed.

Give Peer Support A Boost

We help organisations develop peer support programs and, through our Workplace Peer Support CommUNITY technology, help staff stay connected wherever they are, whilst giving you insight into the overall mental health and wellbeing of your organisation.

Workplace Peer Support
Workplace Peer Support

Workplace Peer Support CommUNITY

The online peer support network, exclusive for your workplace.  

A safe, confidential space for your staff to support themselves and each other.  

Powerful data analysis to keep track of organisation wide mental health, whilst maintaining staff confidentiality.

Make A Difference Earlier

Sometimes all we really need is someone to listen to us, someone who understands what we are feeling. 

Often we do not feel like talking to a professional at this stage.  

This is when the power of peer support shines.

Improve Workplace Culture

Peer Support programs help address how mental health is viewed in the workplace, reducing the stigma and shame we unfortunately often see. 

Used effectively, peer support improves workplace culture by revolving company values around inclusion, collaboration and togetherness.

Enable Your EAP

An effective Peer Support program identifies the right time to hand off to the professionals.  

Our Workplace Peer Support CommUNITY technology confidentially prompts staff to access existing help resources, such as Employee Assistance Programs.

Mental Health Is Not An Illness

It’s time that society distinguished between Mental Health, Mental Illness and Mental Disorders, instead of grouping them all into one box. 

Poor mental health does not need to develop into a mental illness.  

Talking through poor mental health, such as stress, worry and burnout, with those who understand you, may help prevent the development of a mental illness. Peer support gives staff the opportunity to address challenges early, in a environment free from judgement and stigma.