Shining Light On
Mental Health
At Work

blending technology and consulting to Improve mental health awareness and peer support in the workplace.

The peer-to-peer mental health support network for the workplace.

Strategy, training and design services to improve staff mental health.

Guided mindfulness exercises and workshops to improve state of mind.


The online peer-to-peer support Network to improve mental health awareness and connection in the workplace.

We deep dive into aspects such as company culture, communication, environment design and policies to help you formulate an effective mental health strategy, as well as offering mental health awareness training for company leaders and staff.

Practising mindfulness helps increase energy and productivity as well as relieve the stresses that the workday often presents us with. We teach staff a range of mindfulness exercises through guided classes conducted at their convenience.

why make Mental health paramount?

1 %

of employees believe mental health 

awareness in the workplace is important

1 %

of employees believe employers should

provide mental health support

the by mind side difference

tech & in person fusion

We believe both technology and in person support together are key to encouraging mental health awareness.
We have built our services to provide the platform for staff to help themselves and their peers wherever they are in the world.

expansive community

There is a wealth of experience outside of the immediate workplace which increases the potential of peer-to-peer support.
We provide the platform for staff to securely and confidentially exchange support with others inside and outside of their company.


We believe in giving back to the community, that's why we donate 5% of our profits each quarter to various charities.
Our staff also volunteer at least one day per quarter at a local charity.

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