About Us

Our Story

Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2019, By Mind Side aspires to improve mental health awareness, starting in the workplace and extending into personal lives.

45% of people in Australia are affected by a mental health condition at some stage in their lives. Yet, despite this prevalence, 80% of those who suffer do not access treatment because of stigma or shame.

Professional help for mental health can struggle to keep up with demand, and the costs can be prohibitive for some. We believe there is a stage before when professional help is usually leveraged, where peer-to-peer support can be effective in managing and resolving some mental health conditions before they escalate.

We serve to diffuse the stigma around mental health and inspire peer-to-peer support to ease some of the load on professional care and encourage earlier identification and earlier intervention.

Why We Care

We spend roughly one-third of our day in a work environment. Stresses, strains and anxiety are increasingly prevalent in today’s world, many of which stem from the workplace. We envision a world where companies champion mental health awareness to bring about a happier, healthier and more productive work environment.


Never before has the world inhabited so many people who collectively possess so much knowledge, and yet never before have we been so collectively lonely.


We care about human connection and key traits such as empathy, gratitude and compassion. We believe lived human experiences of mental health challenges can be leveraged to help others, both in person and through secure online technology. This is why we developed our CommUNITY Application, to encourage peer-to-peer support in the workplace.

Our Values

Knowledge sharing

We believe that diffusing stigma around mental health starts with education, yet sometimes that comes from a variety of sources difficult to compile and navigate. We have built our News library to improve accessibility by aggregating the latest workplace mental health news from around the world into one location.

We Strive To Be Better

We will always remain humble, and that starts with acknowledging we will always need help from you, our clients, partners and the general public for feedback on how we can better our service. If you have a feature request for our CommUNITY Application we would be delighted to hear it.

Community Spirit

We believe in helping out the local community as much as possible. Our staff have at least one set day per quarter where they down tools and volunteer for the day.

Giving Back

We believe in giving back to the community and supporting those less fortunate. That's why we commit to always donating 5% of profits each quarter to various charities.


Our Mission

To drive mental health awareness and build a peer-to-peer support community, so that people can overcome mental health challenges together.


We’re always keen to hear from people who share our passion for mental health awareness. 

Get in touch and see if we are right for the next step in your career.